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Title: IT for school mathematics teaching projects
Authors: Sam, Chi Ngai (岑智毅)
Department: Department of Mathematics
Issue Date: 2002
Course: MA4530
Programme: BSc (Hons) in Computing Mathematics
Supervisor: Dr. K M Liu
Dr. W W Sun
Subjects: Mathematics study and teaching
Information technology in education
High school teaching
Hong Kong
Abstract: MathPages is a utility to view equations in your Internet browser by transforming mathematics language into equation. MathPages is run on Internet. You can insert any equation which will then be complied as visualized pictures. In the past, people could not discuss mathematics interactively on Internet, but MathPages completely changed this situation. Now, by the power of MathPages, people, both teachers and students, can discuss mathematics on message board with MathPages supported, type and check solutions for exercises on a web pages and build up a web site with mathematical equations in a short time. The concept of mathematical communication on Internet is new and it is introduced by this project. This project is a basic element of IT for School Mathematics Teaching. Teachers, students and developers can develop any mathematical materials by the Power of MathPages. We hope that we can see some message boards, discussion groups, ICQ plug-in, real-time multiple choose systems, online exercise books, artificial intelligence solution provider and any mathematical related materials integrated with MathPages in the future.
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