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Title: A warehouse logging system
Authors: Fung, Kai Chung
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Cheng L L. Assessor : Dr. Wong K W
Abstract: In this project, I designed and implemented an IT system for a warehouse, by providing some basic operations, such as In/Out stock, also storage checking. Because a warehouse involves a lot of data, so I used a DBMS (Database Management System) as a reliable storage media. Also, I added Smartcard technology to the system, to simplify the operations and also make the input process more accurate. During daily operations, system creates large amount of data, and this drives me to use these data to provide some Analysis services, in order to add value to the system. Actually, the analytical information can help the system to be integrated with some existing warehouse management systems, such as Supply Chain Management.
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