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Title: Book reading system for blind people
Authors: Kong, Chiu Chun
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. So Hing Cheung. Assessor: Dr. Lau Ricky W H
Abstract: "The Book Reading System for blind person" is the computer system platform with Cantonese speech recognition and Text to Speech technology for reading any readable material paper printing in Traditional Cantonese Language Text or mixed with some English characters. User can listen the scanned document and interact with the system by users Cantonese speech. The Book Reading System for Blind People is developed in win32 C++ programming interface, which is the most efficient way to programming with hardware devices (such as CTI programming). Scanning procedure is used TWAIN Toolkit 1.8.2 and OCR part is used ReadIRIS DSR8Asian sdk. Speech recognition (Cursbb) to recognize the user input (control scanning process, control speak cursor shuttling in the scanning document), Text to speech (CUTalk) to give the user feedback and speak the content of scanning.
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