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Title: UML-based model-driven code generator (MCG)
Authors: Chan, Kong Chung
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Chow K O
Abstract: In this project, I have research a lot a about the importance of software modeling and how it is essential for nowadays techniques. Today, nobody challenges the adoption of Object oriented programming approach in developing a software system. However, common software engineering problems still exist regardless of which computing language a person has employed. This also activates the idea of Model Driven Architecture (MDA). This architecture claims itself can eliminate those software engineering problems and its ultimate goal is to bring the software engineering field becomes codeless. With the idea supported by MDA, the proposed system aims to provide generation facilities that can transform platform impendent software models into platform specific models. Based on some well defined model interchange format, such platform independent models (UML) can quickly extracted in the transformation tool and finally generates OO programming languages for execution. With this fast transformation, large amount of implementation cost are expected to be significantly reduced. The achievement of this project is the developed UML-based Model Driven code generator (MCG). In the design, generate multiple programming languages become feasible and integrated into a single transformation tool. Unlike traditional CASE Tools, MCG provides extra interpretation capabilities such that developers can solve their problem in much shorter periods.
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