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Title: Range query processing
Authors: Chow, Wing Hong
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Tao, Yufei. First Reader: Dr. Wang, Lusheng. Second Reader: Mr. Lee, C H
Abstract: Searching information on maps is known as a tedious and time consuming process. Nowadays, there are many electronic maps which can facilitate searching. However, these maps cannot provide specific information around a place. That leads a user manually search his desirable information. This behavior should not be as small as possible. In this project, it aims to develop Range Query Processing System in order to provide services for a user to search specific information fast and easily. Range Query Processing System can provide a service to create, build, load a map and query a point or an area of the map. Like other Geographical Information System (GIS), it also provides zooming effect to help the user find information easily in a large map. Unlike other GIS, it provides two features to the user who is interested in the structure of the map. On the other hand, to enhance the system usability, it provides a good User Interface to help the user operate the system easily and conveniently. At the end, the performance of Rang Query Processing System is evaluated with different criteria. The testing data is a road of California. It is found that the system can deal with a large query dataset within a few seconds.
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