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Title: Receipt-free voting protocol by using linkable ring signature
Authors: Feng, Ze
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Prof. Deng Xiaotie. First Reader: Wang Philips. Second Reader: Poon C K
Abstract: This project aims to propose a receipt-free online voting protocol based on linkable ring signature. The major problem of using linkable ring signature in online voting systems is that it can facilitate voting buying in a scalable and straight forward way, because it is not receipt-free. The major contribution of this project is to improve the security of the e-voting protocol so that no receipt in any form can be provided to anyone to prove that a voter has cast a certain vote even if the voter’s private keys are disclosed. As in this project, a multi-voting center mechanism has been put forward so that only the conspiration of all the voting centers can make cheating possible. By using linkable ring signature, voters can not cheat by voting a number of times, since the signatures are linkable. The ring signature can protect the privacy of each voter as well as the eligibility. The voting process is transparent and the votes can be publicized on a bulletin board. In this way, everyone can check if his ballot is correctly posted.
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