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Title: USB contactless smart card reader
Authors: Li, Ka Wa
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Cheng Lee Ming. Assessor: Dr. Pao Derek
Abstract: My final year project is to develop a USB (universal serial bus) contactless smart card reader. The target is to convert a traditional RS-232 smart card reader into USB one. I developed the firmware for USB operation, printed circuit board for USB contactless smart card reader, a windows device driver for USB communication between computer and USB smart card reader, and modifying the dynamic link library (DLL) for accessing the smart card reader Indirectly. The cost of contactless Smart Card Reader can be reduced since fewer chips are used. And the size of this product can be further reduced to half the size of traditional RS-232 smart card reader. The accessing performance is also greatly improved. The final product in this project will be commercialized in this few months after further testing and packaging.
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