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Title: Marketization of higher education in post-Mao China : a case study of Shanghai
Other Titles: Shi chang hua xia de Zhong-guo gao deng jiao yu : Shang-hai ge an yan jiu
市場化下的中國高等敎育 : 上海個案硏究
Authors: Wat, Sharon King-yee (屈景儀)
Department: Dept. of Public and Social Administration
Degree: Master of Philosophy
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Dept. of Public and Social Administration, City University of Hong Kong
Subjects: College publicity -- China -- Shanghai
Education, Higher -- China -- Shanghai -- Marketing
Universities and colleges -- China -- Shanghai -- Marketing
Notes: CityU Call Number: LB2342.82.W38 1999
Includes bibliographical references (leaves 148-158)
Thesis (M.Phil.)--City University of Hong Kong, 1999
x, 158 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.
Type: Thesis
Abstract: As China is a socialist country, the shaping and formulating of the education policy is controlled by the state under the centrally planned economic system. Nevertheless, the economic reform in 1978 was a major turning point in contemporary Chinese history. After the economic reform, market mechanisms have been adopted. As the level of economic advancement is closely associated to the educational attainment in that particular country. Thus, the state has openly announced that China needs to reform its education system to meet the growing demand of more educational opportunities. Under this policy context, the state has initiated different kinds of educational reforms in the higher educational realm such as the adoption of the fee-charging system, cost-recovery, decentralization of management and re-emergence of the private/ minban higher educational institutions in China. Nowadays, market-driven principles are employed to run education in the mainland. The principal goal of this study is to examine the impact of market influences/ marketization towards the development of higher education in China. More specifically, this study is confined to study how market forces have affected the structure of educational financing, provision of educational services and regulations in higher educational realm in mainland China. Particular reference will be paid to discuss the current changes in both private and public higher educational institutions in Shanghai after the economic reform. In order to have a comprehensive review of the higher education system, field studies and interviews were conducted in Shanghai based on the purposive sampling method. In the present study, Shanghai was chosen as a case study. Being one of the most prosperous regions in China, Shanghai has obtained a higher level of economic growth. As Shanghai is the dragon city in China, it is always being chosen as the pilot city to initiate education reform. Reform of education can be found in different aspects such as financing, provision and decentralization of regulation. In this study, the transformation of the East China Normal University can be sufficiently proved that market- driven principles become one of the major elements in shaping education policies in the public higher educational institutions. With the growing demand of obtaining higher educational levels, the re-emergence of the private/ minban higher educational institutions was obvious. Nevertheless, this kind of "minban gongzhu" higher educational institutions have a close relationship with the local government. Seeing in this light, the state never regards the private higher educational institutions really have the "private" nature as those in the western countries. Under this policy context, a mixed economic system has been developed in China, in which a new definition of public/ private boundary and state/ societal relationships have emerged. All in all, the development of higher education system can be regarded as moving towards closer to the market.
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