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Title: Cryptography and internet security from scratch
Authors: Liu, Dennis Yan Wang
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Prof. Deng Xiaotie. First Reader: Dr. Clubb O L. Second Reader: Mr. Lee C H
Abstract: The emergence of the Internet provides an alternative means of communication among mankind since the 90's. Computer science students, in the forefront of information technology, should be alerted to the importance of security issues on the Internet. There are numerous opportunities for CS students to explore such security issues from their courses. The underlining techniques and mechanisms of Internet security are mostly complex. Most students are unable to handle and understand the materials thoroughly. Cryptography, as one of the predominant approaches for guard-saving the content in network communication, is somewhat a subject which needs a relatively clear mind to learn and understand. Current available cryptographic techniques demonstration programs act as an assisting role of consolidating the ideas of learners/novices, but they lack a consistent interface for presenting the ideas, due to the differentiation of principles behind. The scattering of different popular cryptographic techniques demonstration programs across the Web discourages students’ learning motivation, probably due to consecutive futile attempts of locating the demonstration programs. Some demonstration programs may not be capable of presenting the ideas, not because of the correctness of the description and presentation, but the fact is that the presentation way is dull and not interesting. The aim of this project is to provide an integrated platform for users to learn, to understand and to consolidate the concepts of common cryptographic techniques. Multimedia, including graphics, diagrams, and animations, are used to help the demonstration of the concepts. A step-by-step approach is adopted for the user to follow the track of the cryptographic processes and thus build up a solid understanding of the principles.
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