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Title: Interacting with small personal digital devices by voice: automatic speech recognition and synthesis
Authors: Sha, Yang (沙揚)
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2005
Programme: BSCCS
Supervisor: Ip, Horace. First Reader: Wong, Hau San. Second Reader: Chun, Andy
Subjects: Automatic speech recognition
Speech processing systems
Personal communication service systems
Description: Nominated as OAPS (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students) paper by Department in 2006-07.
Abstract: The Smart Recognizer (SR) is deployed as a speaker-dependent small-vocabulary speech recognition on mobile devices. The system can be easily reconfigured to work with arbitrary vocabularies. Applications of inputting Short Messages and operating by voice are built based on the algorithm. SR gets the MFCC features of voice signals, and utilizes asymmetric DTW to do feature matching. By carefully design, the memory requirements of the SR should fit to the average amount of today’s mobile phones and PDA, and the recognition precision is more than 85%.
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