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Title: Network filter management
Authors: Tam, Pou Fai
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Poon C K. First Reader: Dr. Wang Lusheng. Second Reader: Prof. Chan Y K
Abstract: A performance evaluation on the IP lookup problem, using Y-fast Trie combines with 2 perfect hashing scheme. Two popular schemes FKS hashing scheme and Cuckoo hashing scheme are chosen. FKS hash is modified to support the insert and delete dictionary operations and three different modification methods are used. They are resizing the hash table, using linked list to store the collision data and using linear prob. For the Cuckoo hashing, another variation, Asymmetric Cuckoo hash will also be tested. The speed and the memory used is the main issues to be tested in this project, and the best solution amount those options will be suggested to applied in the Y-fast Trie to handle the IP Address lookup problem
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