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Title: Read-only transaction processing in broadcast environments
Authors: Tam, Wai Yee
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Lee, Victor C S. First Reader: Dr. Wan, P J. Second Reader: Prof. Chan, Issac Y K
Abstract: Maintaining data consistency is one of the vital tasks in broadcast environment. However, transaction concurrency should also be considered. Multiversioning is introduced for data consistency maintenance between server and clients. Allowing multi-versions of data items in the broadcast channel, multiversioning results in long response time and high transaction span. Upon server updates, the long response time and high transaction span affects the performance of data retrieval from clients, especially in the abort rate and commit rate. In this project, different disk organizations for multiversioning are introduced and studied to evaluate their performance towards server updates using a “Server-Client-Broadcast Disk” simulation model built. It aims is to broadcast data items according to their importance. The simulation result shows that abort rate and response time of multi-versioning could be improved using disk organizations proposed.
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