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Title: Web based 3D interior design planner
Authors: Wong, Ching Yu
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Mr. Chan, M T. First Reader: Dr Clubb, Orville. Second Reader: Miss Mong, Florence
Abstract: Nowadays, Internet is becoming more and more popular. Access of internet is treated as the part of the daily life. People may try to use HSBC e-banking to view and manage their saving account. Sometimes people may go to to buy books. All these systems make our life easier and more effective. In the future the trend for computer application will continue to move from stand alone computer application to web based application. In the chance of this Final Year Project, a web based 3D Interior Design Planner application was built that is seldom appearing on the web at this moment. The potential clients for this web based application are some big furniture provider. After install this system, furniture providers can put their furniture components online in a 3D manner. Therefore people can now browse all furniture components in their computers. This is not the major feature of the system. Customer can draw their own floor plan by just opening their browser. After that, they can select some furniture components into their floor plan. Finally a completely 3D environment that is stimulating the customer home is appeared. Customers now can perform the interior design of their personal home environment. Compare with some existing system, this system can have the ability to perform collision detection while others do not. That mean people can know the furniture components can fit into their home or not. In a simple word, this system provides customer the opportunity to try before buy. Customer can know the furniture fit its own environment or not. That is an e-business system that seldom appears before.
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