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Title: Virtual jurassic park: artificial intelligence for dinosaurs
Authors: Wan, Stanley Wing Kwan
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Lau Rynson W H. First Reader: Dr. Lee Kenneth K C. Second Reader: Prof. Ip Horace H S
Abstract: Computer graphics modeling was developed dramatically from purely geometric models to physics based models. As graphic researcher is working on integrating life in computer graphics, so, a new topic is then appeared and called Artificial Life. Now, many studies are focusing on the development of artificial life, but there are some algorithms that should be improved. Hence, more studies should be started on this field. In this project, our aims are designing and implementing the virtual dinosaurs with brain and generating some realistic dinosaur motions. Hence, perception like eye and ear, behaviour like walking, eating, physical based modeling and environment simulating are developed in the project. Also, in order to communicate with Rendering and AI system, a protocol is developed for communication. Those techniques are aiming to one target, which is helping to build a realistic artificial creature – Dinosaurs.
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