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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017An extremely safe and wearable solid state zinc ion batteryLi, Hongfei (李洪飛); Wan, Chingyin (溫靖賢)
Dec-2016Voluntary quality disclosure with customer imperfect learningZhu, Han (朱唅)
2017Meet your handsWong, Hsuan Fung (黃亘烽)
Jun-2017呀周電視Chow, Tsz Wing (周芷熲); Chow, Hou Kwan (周曉筠)
Jun-2017Smart offshore hybrid platform for renewable energy generation and oceanic applicationLui, Lai Yin Joey (呂麗盈); Tung, Hiu Ching Nicole (童曉晴); Wang, Likang Ivan (王立康); Wong, Siu Mui Ivy (王小窈)
Jun-2017Efficiency enhanced post-matching Doherty power amplifier based on modified phase compensation networkZhou, Xinyu (周新宇)
Jul-2017HomeTasteLaw, Man Sze (羅文詩); Yu, Ka Lai (余嘉麗)
Jun-2017Further investigations on the transparent patch antennaSun, Jie (孫杰)
Jul-2017Smart abnormal status detection based on electrocardiogram signalLiu, Yucheng; Wu, Chung Kit; Zou, Zijie
Jun-2017A wideband millimeter wave CP antenna by using tapered dielectric polarizerWang, Kaixu (王凱旭)
Jun-2017Emerging Internet of Things secure payment systemChi, Hao Ran (遲浩然); Hung, Faan Hei (孔繁熙); Wu, Chung Kit (胡宗傑); Zhu, Hongxu (朱紅旭)
Jul-2017An efficient seamless localization schemeHung, Faan Hei (孔繁熙)
Jun-2017票達易Fan, Hin Wai (范衍偉); Xin, Yan (辛艷); Li, Chun Wai (李晉偉); Hung, Lok Bun (熊珞斌)
2017Reliability analysis of smartwatchYip, Yuk Ngang Zita (葉玉鶯); Zhu, Ze (朱澤)
Jun-2017A hypergraph model for incorporating social interactions in collaborative filteringVan Lierde, Hadrien
Nov-2016The coastwise lights of Hong KongPan, Xueke (潘雪柯); Gong, Fanxuan (龔凡軒); Chen, Cuifen (陳翠芬); Xu, Xueer (徐雪兒); Zeng, Yujie (曾玉潔)
Jul-2017Investigating the significance of bellwether effect to improve software effort estimationMensah, Solomon; Keung, Wai Jacky
2017陪伴Chin, On Ki Fion (錢安琪); Fung, Sin Ting Cindy (馮倩婷); Law, Kai Ying (羅啓盈); Yim, Ying Ting (嚴映婷)
2017FastLSH: a similarity search engine on high-dimensional big dataXu, Yaohai (徐銚海); Wong, Nok Ching (黃諾靖)
2017Back and forthChan, Johnny; Chan, Frankie; Chan, Kelly; Chan, Yan Ming; Kwan, Eunice; Kwan, Kylie; Lam, Hayley; Wong, Charles
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 543