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Title: Web-based diabetic diet expert system
Authors: Cheung, Vivian Sum Wai
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Chow K O. First Reader: Fong Joseph. Second Reader: Chan Y K
Abstract: Diabetic diet and body weight control are very important for the diabetics patients. They can help patients to prevent suffering from many diabeticrelated diseases to many body parts, such as, heart, kidney, eye, foot and nerves. A good control in diabetes needs to have a lot of diabetic-related knowledge involved, for example control knowledge, diabetic knowledge, diet knowledge and nutrition knowledge. Therefore, a diabetic diet system will help the patients a lot in managing their diabetes. There are many softwares about the management of diabetes, but all softwares only provide an user friendly interface to help patients to entry their condition record. They do not apply any diabetic-related knowledge to help in controlling the condition. As a result, I proposed an web-based diabetic diet system for helping the diabetic patients to management their diabetes. The web-based diabetic diet system is desgined to provide its services in anytime and anywhere. Users do not need any specific computer equipments and softwares to access the system. They only need a web browser, such as Internet explorer or Netscape. Then, users can access the system anywhere through Internet. The system consists of expert system in helping users to develop their own weight control programme and diabetic diet plan. And the system will store the user personal information and conditions for expert system to analyze and produce a most suitable result for them. A prototype of the web-based diabetic diet expert system is developed. It consists of the knowledge base (rules and data), user interface, database and the usage of inference engine : Jess. The users can access the system by the user interface which is written by JSP, HTML and java Servlet. Then the interested information will stored into MySQL databse. When the users are using the weight expert and diet expert in the system, Java servlet will then load the fixed-facts (food2.dat), run-time facts from database and the rule from 8 rules files (.clp) to the working memory of Jess. After generating the result, Java servlet will collect the recommendation from Jess to User through the user interface. In this report, it contains several chapters: Introduction, Literature Review, System Analysis, System Design, Implementation, Testing and Evaluation and Conclusion. In the chapter of introduction, we will look into the project background, aims and objectives and assumptions. In literature review chapter, we will explore the current issue on the diabetic diet management software and why I propose a web-based expert system in this area. This chapter also includes the knowledge of expert system that I have used in this project and also with the project development life cycle. In the chapter of system analysis, we will investigate the system requirement, the diabeticrelated knowledge using in the expert system and the other knowledge applied into the system. In system design, we will study the system architecture, database design and the screen design of the system. Implementation chapter will look into the prototype. Prototype’s structure, knowledge capture and process, data implement and hardware and software requirement for the system will be mentioned in this chapter. Testing and evaluation chapter will find out the testing method of the expert system and evaluate the web-based diabetic expert system. Finally, we will have a conclusion of this report.
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