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Title: Wireless eLearning system by use of PDA
Authors: Ho, Wai
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Mong, Florence. First Reader: Wong, Duncan. Second Reader: Ip, Horace
Abstract: Use of IT in teaching and learning is not a new technology. Many universities have implemented their e-Learning platform, but how can we make it more powerful and extend its functionality? Pervasive Computing is next generation computer environments with information and communication technology everywhere, for everyone, on all occasions. Applying Pervasive Computing to learning environment is obviously the next scenario in education, and that’s why I choose this topic for my final year project. The core objectives of this project are to design a total solution for an Electronic Learning System which contains the strength of the three major elements (delivery, testing and administration) of learning delivery. And bring this concept into an efficient, effective, and secure computerized system in not only the desktop computer platform, but also in the mobile device platform to verify the design.
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