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Title: Bluetooth personal area network application: mobile aided meeting
Authors: Lai, Chi Man
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Lee Victor C S. First Reader: Dr. Wang Philips F L. Second Reader: Prof. Chan Isaac Y K
Abstract: Have you attended any meetings? Have you ever forgotten to bring some documents that will be gone through during the meeting? Have you failed to find the item other attendants were talking about? Have you noticed that the secretary might miscount the total number of votes? These might happen frequently if you were absent mind. Nowadays, many businessmen have a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and carry it all the time. Built-in wireless technologies such as Infrared, Bluetooth and 802.11b enable communication between the devices. Can PDA help in the meeting? Yes, this project is going to develop an application to support daily meetings. With this application, if someone has a file, then every attendant will get his own copy. No paper is needed any more. In addition, the item in discussion will be highlighted, so you will not be lost. While the presenter making a presentation, just look at your device; the slides are synchronized with the presenter. Cannot make decision? Fine, try voting, and you will get the result in a minute. If you are the chairperson, you have the right to assign a task to any attendant. Satisfied? There is more. Have you imagined that having a meeting in a café along the beach? Yes, this is not a dream. The application supports peer-to-peer communication. Using Bluetooth technology, it is not necessary to put the devices close to each other. Hope you find the application useful.
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