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Title: Hybrid spatial and time domain decorrelation of video frame
Authors: Ng, Chung Wo
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Prof. Y K Chan. First Reader: Wong Hau San. Second Reader: Deng Xiaotie
Abstract: In the past the technology is not well developed, so it lacked of storage media. This is why the compression technology is developed. There are many compressions such as audio compression, video compression etc. Video compression technology compress the video file so that it can be accessed by minimum resources and limited bandwidth of network. Indeed, the world is changing. Human needs better quality o f video nowadays. The price of hardware is gradually decreased. The storage medium is greatly increased. No one cares how many storage medium needed to be used for storing the video files. Nowadays, people can concentrate on the quality of the video. Besides, the limited bandwidth is still the big concern. Although nowadays broadband is very common now, sending a compressed video files through the network in a very short time is also a big problem. Therefore, the video compression technology must decrease the file size into much smaller file so that the video files can be sent through network in a very short time. All these requirements make the video compression technology adapt these environments. This project aims to develop a new motion estimation algorithm providing a good quality of video and with small computational complexity.
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