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Title: Secure e-Voting system
Authors: To, Patrick Men Kit
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Wong Duncan S. First Reader: Dr. Kwok L F. Second Reader: Prof. Deng Xiaotie
Abstract: Secure e-Voting system Voting is a very popular method to use as making decision and giving the opinions. In the project, I need to use the programming to implement the “voting with two central facilities” protocol. By using the cryptography method to fulfill the protocol requirements. It mainly uses the encryption, decryption and hashing algorithm for building up the server and client. For the cryptography, I need to find the suitable library, and spend time for learning. This is the one of the objective to do this project. Another objective is to use to protocol to make a real voting system for the voter. Voting through the internet is not so popular because there are many security issues or problems have not been solved. For my project, it can solve some of the problems under the assumptions. On the design of the system, I need to think of the method to implement the protocol. This is the one of the difficult part because if design is not satisfy all the requirement, then it cannot fulfill the project object. Even have a good design, I need to consider the implementation problem, If it cannot implement by coding, I need to think in other ways. Technically, I learned to develop the application by using JAVA. Especially on the Client – Server Side. Also, I learn how to use the function or method to do some security function such as hashing, encryption and decryption.
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