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Title: Secure database web console
Authors: Wang, Chung Ho
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Chan Keith. First Reader: Fong Joseph. Second Reader: Ip Horace
Abstract: As a long-time database developer and DBA, I have come to understand that database performance tuning approaches and methods available to the DBA are substantially different from those available to the developer. For example, while developers and designers operate mostly in test environments and have full access to the application's source code, DBAs usually deal with a "frozen" application in a production environment. Thus, developers typically apply proactive tuning, while DBAs mostly do reactive tuning. In reactive tuning mode it is crucially important to quickly organize the work and find a solution for the performance problem. In order to achieve this, I developed the Secure Database Web Console (SDWC) to integrate advantages from both Instantaneous method and logging method, which allows me to quickly find the location of the problem from an architectural perspective, and find the causes of the problem, if its location happens to be within the Oracle Database or the Server Machine. Another advantage the SDWC over other similar product is it not just focuses on the Database and also the server platform. In this project the combination is Oracle Database and RedHat Linux. Using this tool, I have been able to identify causes and, on many occasions, to propose solutions for acute performance problems in a matter of minutes. This report are all about understanding the motivation, describing the solution to support DBA tasks and implementation of the SDWC. I will also describe many aspects and issues during the system development. For example, we will examine architectural issues as they are related to PHP and Oracle running on Linux. I will also talk about the difficulties in creating this performance monitoring tool and how I solved them. Due to limited time, there are many things which are not presently part of this performance monitor tool which I would have liked to add if I had had more time.
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