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Title: Testing and modelling of dischage lamps driven by electronic and magentic ballasts
Authors: Fan, Ching Yee
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Hui, Ron S Y.; Assessor: Prof. Chung, Henry S H
Abstract: This project introduces the study and development of a lamp model that can be used for low pressure discharge lamps for both full-power and dimming operations. This paper presents this lamp model for low pressure gas discharge lamp (fluorescent lamp) driven by magnetic and electronic ballasts. The model consist six equations and seven adjustable constants. Through using the genetic algorithm (GA), the seven constants can be determined and a lamp model was built. Then, simulations are carried out with the model constants in the PSpice in order to test the accuracy. Through modelling of discharge lamps, we can predict and study the I-V characteristics of lamps accurately and efficiently. Moreover, the physical meanings of the change of the value in the lamp model during dimming operations are also studied. The model provides a useful tool for electronic engineers to perform magnetic and electronic ballast designs.
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