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Title: Multi-platform monitoring and control software for automation systems
Authors: Ho, Ken Wah Cheong
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Po, L M.; Assessor: Mr. Chau, W N
Abstract: In the past, most of the buildings have already installed monitor and control systems for controlling their electronic devices. Yet those systems cannot run on different platforms, and those devices cannot be remotely controlled though the Internet. And also the server and development software are extremely expensive in the past. For example, Windows or LINUX operation system and MySQL database software, C++ and Java program. It also restricts the factory to develop their control systems. Thus, it still cannot solve the multi-platform problem. To overcome those problems mentioned, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a method to solve the data exchange between different operation systems, web application servers and programming languages. It provides a secure distribution service by AXIS SOAP application server. The SOAP client should use SOAP over HTTP and HTTPS for requesting the services by different programming languages, for examples, Java and C++. Moreover, the client program should concentrate on the web based program between different types of the servers and AXIS SOAP server, such as Microsoft‘s Internet Information Server (IIS) and Tomcat server. Also it should create a standalone program for requesting the services. In this project, I will develop software on multi-platform monitor and control based on the Service Oriented Architecture. It uses Apache Tomcat as a web and AXIS SOAP application server for providing the client stub and web services. In the server side, it accesses the data of the automation systems by the industrial communication protocols, for instance, Modbus with Serial. Then, it stores the data into the MySql database server. On the client side, a browser is needed to access the information and provides a dynamic update by Java Applet and Ajax. Thus, it provides a user-friendly web application and solves the multi-platform problem.
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