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Title: Universal plug and play network application development
Authors: Kong, Yat Kei
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Sung, Albert C W.; Assessor: Dr. Ko, K T
Abstract: Nowadays, there are various networking consumer electronics available. Because of the complexity of devices’ configurations, end users may wish to use the devices without configuring the devices. Universal Plug and Play Protocol (UPnP) is an advanced technology which can help achieve such a goal. In this project, the aim is to develop a software application based on UPnP. I have used a development package named “CyberLink for Java” to implement the UPnP Protocol. In the end of the project, I have successfully developed an application using UPnP to connect different computers. After connected, these computers can perform message communication, file sharing and photo browsing. Moreover, these computers can perform real-time video streaming with a webcam to provide security and monitoring features through the application. These features also allow users to capture a photo or to record a certain period of video stream using the webcam. This part was implemented by using a development package named “Java Media Framework (JMF)”. The application also includes a remote control feature that enables users to get control of other computers outside the local network using the same application simultaneously. Finally, useful logging files will be generated by the application.
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