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Title: Online dispute resolution system
Authors: Li, Hok Man
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Wu, Angus K M.; Assessor: Prof. Pun, Edwin Y B
Abstract: This Online Dispute Resolution System is for handling Domain Name disputes online by arbitration, that is, a third party would be responsible for making a decision for the dispute. Our system would mainly consist of 3 parts: Administrator, Panelist and Register. Administrator is the one to supervise the whole domain name dispute process online; therefore, our system would provide them with the largest limit of authority. Our system would enable them to be noticed when new claim is raised by a claimant online and to assign particular panelist(s) for making a decision for the claim. Besides, our system would also enable them to view some statistics report generated by the system automatically, to keep track on the system and to do backup on their own through our system. Panelist is the one to make decision for the claims which are assigned to them by the Administrator. Our system would enable them to view both the claimant argument and respondent argument of the particular claim before making their decision online. Register can be both claimant and respondent. Our system would enable them to submit their argument online by submitting a form through our system. Since our system is going to be ran in the real world after all, security would be an important consideration for us. We have implemented certain security measures for this system such as password encryption, session timeout etc.
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