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Title: Online dispute resolution system
Authors: Ng, Ka Chun
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Wu, Angus K M.; Assessor: Prof. Pun, Edwin Y B
Abstract: Online Domain Name Disputes Resolution System facilitates the handling of domain name dispute case. The system will be responsible for the management of the domain name disputes resolution process. The system will be run through 3 cities – Beijing, Seoul and Hong Kong. It provided a platform for the claimants, respondents, panelists and the administrator to deal with dispute cases raised by claimants. The system allows the claimants to raise a complain (a new dispute case), the respondents to make a response, the panelists to make a decision and the administrator, the one having the greatest limit of authority, to keep track on the whole case. The system will be roughly divided into three parts, the admin part, panelist part and the register part, each of them have different limit of authority. Besides, there will be some other sub-system to help increasing the ease of management, like the report generating, bar chart statistic, backup system, audit trail, etc. As the system will actually be run in the world, so we also need to consider the security. The system include several of security issue, so as to prevent anyone from stealing the password, or hack into the system.
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