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Title: Web-based 3D model retrieval
Authors: Wong, Chi Hong
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Chan, K L.; Assessor: Dr. Anthony Fong
Abstract: This report introduces a method to retrieving the most similar models in database. A query process is based on Geometry-based Approach. a query process is compared with models in the database using similarity in shape with high accuracy and arrange the result in order. A high resolution and realistic 3D model's file format (VRML NURBS) with small size is used as testing models in database. A screening process is used to extract reference models’ classes for further retrieval process. Then, a retrieval technique is implemented to compare with the models in the database using appropriate features. Each model will have 7 anchor points and each anchor point will generate a surface signature. Every class of models will have different weight in 7 surface signatures. This step indicates an important of 7 surface signatures in a model in retrieval processing. Before extracting 7 surface signatures, model normalization and alignment will be used first to ensure each model is aligned with the principle axis and normalized. All models in database will be rearranged in order according to the shape similarity of a query model.
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