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Title: Training e-Portal
Authors: Kong, Chun Kwok
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Hung, Sheung Lun; First Reader: Mr. Lai, Donny Chi Fai; Second Reader: Prof. Chan, Issac Yiu Keung
Abstract: Under the incessant efforts by government to reform the local education system, substantial resources have been allocated to education over the years. Numerous major IT efforts such as IT-in-Education and WebSams etc. were implemented to provide the necessary foundation for future development. A number of educational platform are therefore established for coordinate the associated education reform. However, most of the platforms focused on school administration and e-learning issues, few addressed aspects of across the spectrum management issue such online course enrollment for all educational institutions at different levels, e.g. nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary. This project aims to build a one-stop service management system on centralizing the whole student recruitment process of educational organizations ranging from the nursery to the tertiary levels. An attempt was made to meliorate the deficiency of current systems in the areas of online courses registration capabilities. The project also aims at providing DIY website construction services for small educational organizations. The platform provides the means of integrating the DIY sites to facilitate better resources sharing. It also provides a convenient way for educational organizations to advertise their programmes to the public. A prototype has been designed and developed for illustrating the best way to handle the course enrollment process and centralized the management of different websites. Furthermore, the concept can be extended beyond the scope of education field to cover other business fields.
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