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Title: Electronic recruitment system
Authors: Leung, Walter Chak Chun
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Hung, S L; First Reader: Dr. Lee, Victor Chung Sing; Second Reader: Mr. Chan, Isaac Yiu Keung
Abstract: There are many online recruitment systems on the Internet acting as the media for employers and job seekers to interact directly. Most of these platforms served as the means for employers and job seekers to exchange basic information, such as job specifications, resume, etc., and to provide job alert and simple notifications functions. Very few have addressed the more important aspects of the recruitment process such as making online appointment. This project aims to build an internet-based recruitment system with most of the basic functions of current systems and to cover the inability of current system in areas such online appointment, interviews, video conferencing capabilities which are crucial to the success of the recruitment process. The project also aims to simplify and enhance the mechanism for the posting of job alerts to job seekers by employers. Our platform also provided a convenient way for job seekers to publicize their personal information to the prospective employers. A working prototype has been constructed with a view demonstrating how one can expedite the whole recruitment process electronically. The prototype aims to be generic in nature and have not targeted for a particular industry with the hope that it can be used as a basis for future development of more comprehensive recruitment systems.
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