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Title: Bookmarks sharing and management system
Authors: Leung, Ka Cheung
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Yuen, Joe Chun Hung; First Reader: Dr. Lui, Richard Wing Cheung; Second Reader: Dr. Yu, Yuen Tak
Abstract: As the rapid growth of web sites on the Internet, there are millions of billions of useful information available on the World Wide Web. People nowadays can get the information freely on various devices. In order to handling such huge amount of data, people usually use bookmark functions that come along with their web-browsers to store these useful information, namely bookmarks in order to store for future revisit. In addition, more and more Internet-connected devices available on the market and the price of networkconnected devices become more affordable than anytime before. However, the numbers of bookmarks grow day by day and the replication of the bookmarks between heterogeneous internet-connected devices is very difficult. It lets the useful information holds only either in office or home PC; PC or mobile Internetconnected devices. Besides, these web resources are possibly useful to friends, colleagues and other users who may search for similar web data as well. Base on these two aims, web based online Bookmark Sharing and Management System is developed in my project. It serves a platform for different users to store their bookmarks online and act as a well-classified, with good usability and maintain easily, web data resource for searching most interesting web information.
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