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Title: Server side support for sitewatcher, an antiphishing software
Authors: Man, Kin Pong (文建邦)
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Liu, Wenyin; First Reader: Dr. Wang, Jianping; Second Reader: Prof. Deng, Xiaotie
Subjects: Phishing.
Identity theft -- Prevention.
Computer security.
Description: Nominated as OAPS (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students) paper by Department in 2007-08.
Abstract: With the growth of Internet use and e-commerce, the entire Internet community is familiar with phishing attack. While spam is an annoyance in nowadays, phishing attacks can cause the major financial disruptions for those victims. Lots of anti-phishing systems have been developed to fight against phishing attacks. We, the AntiPhishing Group [8], have implemented an anti-phishing tool, SiteWatcher Client, too. However, those anti-phishing systems including ours may block certain phishing attacks, but not all. After studying, it is proposed to develop a smart server support for SiteWatcher Client in order to increase the accuracy in phishing detection. SiteWatcher Server is involved to support the client application. Based on the study of the SiteWatcher Server, it ensures the value of the server support to SiteWatcher Client.
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