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Title: Visually impaired daily kit using RFID technology
Authors: Tsang, Kathleen Shuk Yung
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2007
Supervisor: Supervisor: Miss Mong, Florence Yu; First Reader: Dr. Clubb, Orville Leverne; Second Reader: Dr. Chun, Andy Hon Wai
Abstract: Visually Impaired are a group of people who have difficulties in recognition through vision. In order to access information on product in daily life, they always ask other people. As a result, they always feel troublesome on asking others. Nowadays, most of products contain barcode label. Once the barcode label is scanned, the information of the product can be retrieved. However, the barcode technology cannot help Visually Impaired people acquiring products information. It is because the barcode label should be scanned in accurate orientation directly. Since Visually Impaired people cannot locate the label of product, they cannot match the barcode label with laser source directly. Therefore, Barcode Technology cannot help them. On the other hand, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is become more and more popular. It uses Radio Frequency to transmit the data from the RFID Tag into RFID Reader. It applies in different industries, e.g. Point‐of‐Sale System, Supply Chain Management. It is obvious RFID would become a trend in Hong Kong. An aim of the project is to enhance Visually Impaired acquiring information anywhere through mobile device in daily life. It also extends the usage of RFID technology. By using mobile device with RFID Reader, the system could detect the information in RFID Tag. After processing, the product descriptions would be spoken out through the Speech Engine on mobile device. Visually Impaired thus got information on product.
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