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Title: Network infrastructure security
Authors: Fung, Derek Wai Kin
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Yeung Alan K H. Assessor: Dr. Wong Eric W M
Abstract: For the Internet now is much popular in the world, the reliability of the Internet connection becomes important. This research project aims to discover the problems related to the security of the infrastructure networks, which based on Routers and Switches. With some background study and experiments, we have to design some algorithms for detecting and solving those network security issues. This project is divided into two main categories: The first part is based on Network Layer (Layer 3) attacks. Our focus point is based on the packet mistreatment attack. We first try to set up the network in Laboratory and launch router attacks by some methods. Then based on findings, we design a new algorithm to detect layer 3 attacks. The second part is based on Data Link Layer (Layer 2) attacks. We first through practical experiments, summarize different kinds of attacking tools at Layer 2. According to pervious finding, we deeply focus on the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) attack in switching network. Furthermore, we designed a new switches levelling infrastructure, which could prevent STP attack and improve Layer 2 network infrastructure security.
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