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Title: Romantic relationship: Love styles, Triangular Love and Relationship Satisfaction
Authors: Tang, Pui Tung (鄧珮彤)
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Issue Date: 2007
Course: SS4708
Supervisor: Dr. Cheng Christopher Hon Kwong
Subjects: Love.
Love -- Psychological aspects.
Intimacy (Psychology)
Interpersonal relations.
Abstract: Objectives. This study examined how the love variables (intimacy, passion, commitment and the six love styles) are differences between genders and relationship stages. In addition, associations between love variables and relationship satisfaction among local romantic partners were studied. Method. Participants were eighty-two couples who have involved in a romantic relationship (dating or married). They completed questionnaire which assessed their love styles, level of intimacy, passion, commitment, and relationship satisfaction. Results. Gender differences in love styles and stage effect on the triangular love components were found. Participants’ scores on all love components were found to be positively related to satisfaction. Specific love styles, Eros was found to be positive predictor on satisfaction for men and women. Agape was found to be a positive predictor, but only for men. Ludus, was found as a negative predictor for satisfaction and commitment for both genders. Discussion. Results suggested love styles, Eros, Storge and Agape, as well as intimacy, passion and commitment were positively related to satisfaction. A distinct finding of the discrepancy in passion leaded to higher satisfaction raise an interesting issue to be discussed.
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