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Title: The impact of parental attachment on adolescent externalizing problem behaviour in Hong Kong
Authors: Ho, Fanny Ming Chong (何明莊)
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Issue Date: 2007
Course: SS5790
Programme: PGD Psychology
Supervisor: Annis Fung
Subjects: Parent and teenager -- China -- Hong Kong.
Adolescent psychology -- China -- Hong Kong.
Adolescence -- China -- Hong Kong.
Abstract: The present study aims to investigate the impact of the quality of parental attachment on externalizing problem behaviours among adolescents in Hong Kong. A mixed “quantitative plus qualitative” approach was applied for data collection. 1,463 Form One, Form Two, and Form Three male students (n=828) and female students (n=635) were given the modified version of the IPPA and a self-report measure of externalizing problem behaviour. 46 students with high level of externalizing problem behaviours were further interviewed. Regression analysis showed that parental attachment played a causal role on adolescent externalizing problem behaviour. Difference in gender was found not significant in determining the degree of problem behaviour. The influence of paternal and maternal attachment on the problem behaviours of their adolescent children was different, with the latter perceived as more powerful. The study results set an alarm for the society to place emphasis on establishing stronger parental-adolescent attachment.
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