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Title: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words? An exploratory study in self-disclosure using art and writing among Hong Kong art students
Authors: Lee, Syna Sze Wing (李詩穎)
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Issue Date: 2007
Course: SS5790
Programme: PGD Psychology
Supervisor: Dr. Betty Eng
Subjects: Self-disclosure -- China -- Hong Kong.
Drawing, Psychology of.
Writing -- Psychological aspects.
Abstract: (1) Objectives This study aims to explore self-disclosure by the use of Pennebaker’s writing therapy plus a drawing task on a group of art students in Hong Kong. Pennebaker’s research has shown that writing about traumatic events reduces psychological symptoms and have long-term health benefits. The first hypothesis of this study is whether a non-verbal art therapy in conjunction with a verbal writing therapy would be effective in reducing self-perceived stress and improving life satisfaction. The second hypothesis is that Hong Kong students are not as expressive as American students, and that a more indirect form of drawing would be better received than writing. (2) Methods Students participated in two 20-minute sessions, where they completed a drawing and writing task on his/her most stressful or upsetting event, and filled out pre- and post-questionnaires, and were debriefed at end of study. (3) Results The results failed to support that self-disclosure would result in improved psychological well-being. However, Hong Kong students disclosed at lower levels than American students and preferred to disclose with drawing than writing. (4) Discussion One limitation of this study was the small sample size and the use of art students may have biased the results. In spite of these limitations, the preference for Hong Kong students to disclose via drawing has interesting implications. Suggestions for future research will be discussed with reference to cultural sensitivity.
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