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Title: How Company Information Affect the Short Selling in the Hong Kong Stock Market?
Authors: Chu, Andy Chi Lok (朱志樂)
Ip, Cheryl Shuk Fan (葉淑芬)
Department: Department of Economics and Finance
Issue Date: 2007
Course: EF 5070
Programme: MSc Finance
Instructor: Dr Isabel Yan
Subjects: Short-selling -- China -- Hong Kong.
Stock exchanges -- China -- Hong Kong.
Abstract: This report analyses the effect of the company disclosed information on the short selling volume in Hong Kong stock market. Using the data at 28 April 2006 on the short sale volume in individual stocks, we find that the financial ratios namely quick ratio, price-to-book ratio, time interest ratios, inventory turnover and earnings per share have an inversely proportion to the number of short selling in the market. Meanwhile, the ratios including ROA and price-to-sales ratio have a positive relation to the number of short selling. Short sellers may also refer to factors like changing in directorship and company news in making their investment decision.
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