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Title: 和谐还是对抗,谁是图书馆的主流?电子图书和纸本图书的综合研究
Authors: Zhang, Nan (张楠)
Issue Date: 3-Jun-2008
Citation: Emerging Paradigms for Academic Library E-Book Acquisition and Use: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities. Hong Kong, 3 June, 2008.
Type: Presentation
Abstract: Since invention of the paper, which greatly promoting the development of economy, science and culture , getting the reorganization throughout the world and passing the examination of history, it has been used by mankind as a material carriers of culture and knowledge for more than 1000 years . With the rapid development of information technology and speedy widespread of network, person’s unconscious destination of searching information is IE browser not the library or reference room. Reading habits and way of information retrieval are changing. The traditional print book has faced a great challenge from the growing e-book with variety of advantages. A number of scholars forecast that main collection of the library will be e-books, even give the hypothesis that print book will be extinct. Which one will become the mainstream in the future library between e-book and print book? What is the relationship between them? Above problems directly affect tendency of collection construction, positioning of management characteristic and cultivation of library culture in the future library. Through the comprehensive analysis to reading mode, book copyright, medium characteristics of two types of books and so on, this paper will express the viewpoint that each one of e-book and print book should not be neglected and they should mutual promote and integrate in a balanceable and harmonious environment in the development of library.
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