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Title: Reviewing and reassessing ERALL - the E-Book consortium in Hong Kong
Authors: Ching, Hsianghoo Steve
Chan, Diana L. H.
Li, Kit
Leung, Maria
Issue Date: 3-Jun-2008
Citation: Emerging Paradigms for Academic Library E-Book Acquisition and Use: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities. Hong Kong, 3 June, 2008.
Type: Presentation
Abstract: ERALL (Electronic Resources Academic Library Link) is a consortium formed by the 8 University Libraries in Hong Kong to purchase English ebooks collectively with a budget of US$2 million. Subsidized by the University Grants Committee (UGC) Restructuring and Collaboration Fund (RCF) and led by City University of Hong Kong, it aims to maximize the number of ebooks purchased at the lowest unit cost; and to extend the breadth and depth of library collections with the least duplication among members.
Can we achieve the above goals? This paper introduces the background, outlines the process and highlights the achievements. A total of over 15,900 ebooks in a wide range of subjects since 2000 from various publishers including Springer, Wiley-Blackwell were selected. In reviewing packages and negotiating with publishers and vendors, we came across many issues. These issues on pricing policy, method of access, access platform and selection criteria will be explored. Problems in communications between members and publishers/vendors will be addressed. Though single copy for shared access is the ideal case, can it be fulfilled? How much duplication is avoided? This paper will answer these questions.
The second focus of this paper is on reassessing ERALL. A survey will be conducted to the 8 consortium members to learn of their viewpoints, benefits, feedbacks and future directions. A comparison between ERALL and Cicada (a cross-border ebook consortium of 48 libraries in Taiwan and Hong Kong) will also be presented. The findings will shed lights on the future perspective of collective ebooks purchase and also help the Consortium to formulate future strategies in collaborative collection development.
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