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Title: Triangular dielectric-loaded monopole antenna
Authors: Tam, Lok Man
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Leung, Kwok Wa. Assessor: Prof. Luk, Kwai Man
Abstract: The experimental study of the equilateral-triangular dielectric loaded monopole antenna of high permittivity is discussed in this project. Traditional dielectric resonator antennas provide advantages of low loss, compact and very low profile, which makes it a promising research topic recently. However, since the Q factor of dielectric resonators are usually very high, bandwidth of antennas is restricted. In this project, in order to enhance the bandwidth, a conducting strip is mounted on the dielectric material to excite the monopole rather than the dielectric materials. A 10 dB bandwidth of about 20 percent has been obtained which is much better than previous value obtained from the traditional dielectric resonator antenna.
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