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Title: Using mobile phone to control motor car and provide instant video
Authors: Wong, William Chin Pang
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Tsang, K F. Assessor: Prof. Chan, Y C
Abstract: In this project, it is required to design a control system that can be controlled by mobile phone and control computer. This model car is able to send back the wireless video for the user to monitor what does the model car facing. And there is a video from local camera for the user to monitor and know the location of the model car. The works of the project include to design the assemble program base on the API provide by the wireless module to send and receive signal between the controller and the model car, to design the program on computer to provide user interface for user to control the model car and deliver the control signal to the wireless transmitter, and design the video player program to receive the signal from local camera and cluster the images to be the video.
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