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Title: Lamp replacement by LED solution
Authors: Chan, Chi Wing
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2008
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Hui, Ron S Y.; Assessor: Prof. Man, K F
Abstract: The main purpose of the project is to find out a solution to replace the fluorescent lamp by high power LED. Nowadays, the LED applications become more and more popular; the general light source is replaced by LED step by step, such as torch, Christmas lighting accessory. Why do the LED application developments become very important in the future? There are three main reasons on behind. First of all, the LED investigation is more and more mature; the new technology can build up high lumen and high power of LED. Secondly, the operation time of LED is more than 50,000 hours, the life of LED is longer than any light sources, and it can solve the replacement problem of old lighting source. Finally, the power efficient of LED is over 95%. However, the heat dissipation and power source of LED is critical area when we design the products. The design of fluorescent lamp contains two pars. One is the LED modules; the other is AC/DC power source. In the part of LED modules, the solution of heat dissipation must be found due to the high temperature of LED over 100 degrees. Also, suitable power source play an important role to give stable power and prevent LED over drive and burn out.
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