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Title: Second order DC-DC converter
Authors: Wong, Yip Wai
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2008
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Chung, Henry S.; Assessor: Dr. Yan, W
Abstract: In the past decade, the utilization of DC-DC converters is not difficult to find in some of the electronic products, such as laptop computer, UPS, home entertainment equipment and portable DVD player etc. The reason of widely adoption of DC-DC converter is that it is able to provide relatively stable output power, high efficiency performance, and faster recovery time when the load is changed. By comparing to linear type converter, DC-DC converter uses fast switching mode to drive out a certain output level with lower power loss performance. This project presents the performance of a second order DC-DC converter for power systems. In this report, the principle and the basic operation concepts of such kind of converter is introduced and discussed. It is followed with an implementation of a buck converter with a simple configuration of controller. The relevant experimental outcomes will be given in order to study the performance of DC-DC converter. The difficulties encountered and achievements obtained through the design and implementation stages will be final discussed. Finally, the proposed methodologies to further explore and improve the design of this second order DC-DC converter will be concluded.
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