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Title: Medical image registration and visualization
Authors: Choi, Chor Lun
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Dr. Chan K L. Assessor: Dr. Yuen, Kelvin S Y
Abstract: This project is concerned about registration of multimodality medical images. Image registration technique is use to transform all the information into a common coordinate frame and provided more meaningful images to the clinician. The method implemented in this project is maximization of mutual information (MI). MI is applied to measure the statistical dependence or information redundancy between the image intensities of corresponding pixels in both images. The hypothesis is that the MI is maximal if the images are geometrically aligned. Maximization of MI is a very general and powerful criterion because no assumptions are made regarding the nature of this dependence and no limiting constraints are imposed on the image content of the modalities involved.
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