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Title: Anti-epidemic strategy over complex networks
Authors: Jiang, Yihong
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2008
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Chen, Ron Guanrong; Assessor: Dr. Tang, Wallace K S
Abstract: In recent years, SARS, bird-flu as well as the rampant computer viruses make many scholars get interested in using the theories of Complex Networks to analyze these problems and try to find solutions to them. Complex Networks refers to many practical networks that are complex, such as the Internet, WWW, wireless communication networks, biological neural networks and human relationship networks. It is a new and hot topic based on using graph theory to represent networks. In order to get a deep understanding of Complex Networks, literature review on basic concepts and recent research achievements are included in the project. Upon completion of studying some famous models such as the Small-world network model and the Scale-free network model , computer simulations using C programming languages are carried out on generating, analyzing a typical scale-free network - BA network according to the BA model algorithm. Several basic models of epidemic spreading are also discussed and the spreading process is simulated. Finally, a new general anti-epidemic strategy over Complex Networks which utilizes the virus spreading characteristics is raised and discussed.
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