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Title: Design and practical evaluation of discrete EMI filter structures
Authors: Ngan, Kwai Bun
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2008
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Hui, Ron Y S.; Assessor: Prof. Cheung, Henry S H
Abstract: This report presents a technique for discrete EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Filter circuit using discrete components. It is most commonly applied in power converters. EMI Filter is used to minimize the noise so as to fulfill the requirements on frequency bands from different countries. I have study the structures of discrete EMI filter. Two different types of filters, the common-mode (CM) and differential mode (DM), are grouped together to form an integrated discrete EMI filter. In this report, the effects of varying the materials and the positions of the components are studied. After then, I have used the LabView and the Gain-Phase Analyzer to measure the insertion voltage gain of the EMI filter. It can save data in real time into the LabView. Finally, I have used the spectrum analyzer to measure the product.
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