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Title: A web-based project management system
Authors: Fung, Yin Kwan
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Dr Law, Ken C K. First Reader: Dr Kwok, L F. Second Reader: Mr Lee, C H
Abstract: In project-based organizations having multiple projects with large team size, human resources allocation and project monitoring become challenging. In human resources allocation, there are wrong assignments and uneven workloads on team members with manual task assignments requiring large effort. It requires tremendous efforts in finding out which team members can do the tasks well, especially with the large number of team members of different projects under one’s supervision. The amount of efforts is multiplied in rescheduling of tasks. Projects are not monitored closely due to incorrect and out-dated timesheet data, which may result in project delay. Timesheet data are not frequently updated due to inconvenient user-interfaces. Monitoring is done by having regular and frequent meetings, which is difficult to achieve in such a busy business world nowadays. Therefore, a web-based project management system is developed to provide intelligent human resources allocation, updated information for project monitoring and basic project management tools. On human resources allocation, project managers can easily assign task to a suitable team member by fitting task requirements on skills, man-days, position and employment type. This minimizes the efforts in manual task assignments and ensures that the task assignment is appropriate. To assist automatic task assignment, this system makes adjustments on team members’ skill levels according to their performances. This adjustment can bring their skill levels closer to those in reality, as these levels are closely related to task assignments. This system can also minimize the efforts in rescheduling by considering the task assignments to the ones who can finish the task with the earliest completion dates. As a result, the skill levels are adjusted accordingly. This system provides close project monitoring. Convenient interfaces are provided for gathering updated timesheet data and task progress.
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