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Title: Secure transaction processing in real-time database
Authors: Ho, Karmen Ka Man
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Dr. Lee, Victor C S. First Reader: Dr. Fong, Joseph S P. Second Reader: Prof. Chan, Isaac Y K
Abstract: Time is a critical factor to be considered in a real time database system. The correctness of the system depends not only on the logical results but also on the time within which the results are produced. Transactions must be scheduled in such a way that they can be completed before their corresponding deadlines expire. However, in recent years, security in the database systems has increased importance. Therefore, in this paper, the performance of the real-time database system incorporating security constraint will be examined. So that security requirement can be achieved without significantly degrading the performances of the real time database systems. In particular, I will focus to study the performances of several concurrency control algorithms in the “firm-deadline database systems”, where transactions miss the deadline are immediately discarded from the system. Besides, two new algorithms will be presented in the project: The Secure-ANDOPT- SACRIFICE is based on the existing algorithm by changing the validation criteria of it. And the Security-Priority-SACRIFICE uses the transactions security level to solve the security constraint in the secure real-time database system. A detailed simulation model is used to compare the performances of the algorithms under a wide range of parameter setting for a secure real-time database system. The results of the studies show that incorporating security in the database system does not necessarily cause an increased sacrifice in the real time performance. However, choosing which or what algorithm to implement in a secure real time database system depends on the user’s decisions whether timeliness or security is more important to be maintained.
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