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Title: Semantic web
Authors: Kwong, Francis King Hei
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Dr. Chun, Andy H W. First Reader: Dr. Yu, Y T. Second Reader: Prof. Ip, Horace H S
Abstract: The World Wide Web is probably the richest source of information now. But we have not utilize this source of information to its full potential since the current web is designed for human consumption, machine processing on web documents is not possible (or at least very difficult). Semantic Web, a state-of-the-art concept of web architecture proposed by W3C, aims to change the current web into a machine processable web. As a research project report on Semantic Web, this report includes discussion on what, why, when, how questions about Semantic Web. By building a prototype of the Semantic Web, the project evaluates this new concept and its related technologies in a concrete and in-depth manner. The prototype does not only serve as a proof for the feasibility, applicability and new possibility of Semantic Web, it is also one of the very few Semantic Web applications at this moment which can serve as an example for future Semantic Web application development.
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