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Title: A J2ME based mobile personal information manager
Authors: Ko, Venus Pui Man
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2003
Supervisor: Mr. Chan, M T. First Reader: Dr. Kwok, L F. Second Reader: Mr. Lee, C H
Abstract: Wireless telecommunication technology has been changing dramatically and rapidly over the last decade. Imagine having a computer, camera, video-recorder and radio combined within a single mobile device on hand, from which images, music and files can be transmitted to, and received from, friends or clients. This is not a dream. This has been come true. Today, it is not surprisingly that a mobile phone can send (multimedia) messages using the Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) with pictures. Even so, we can play online games, listen to music and read electronic book on the move. With a mobile phone, rich information and entertainment can be obtained whenever and wherever we want it in the near future. Owing to the fact that the current state of mobile phone software development is still at the initial stage, mobile network service providers are actively acquiring software for mobile devices from the public. However, most J2ME applications available currently are games and some entertainment applications, they are not fully utilized the portable feature of a personal mobile phone. This project aims at designing and developing an application operating in the mobile environment for personal or enterprise use having information exchange capability across phones. The resulting system, the MOPIM, is encouraging. It utilizes the Push technology giving mobile users a new experience on mobile surfing. Particularly the featuring Meeting Collaboration Service saves users 99% of time in arranging meeting appointments. Shopping “over the air” with a mobile device is now possible too!
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